Solvarg is an independent game developer based in Stockholm Sweden. It was founded by me, Anders Nord, in mid 2018.

I want my company to create games that are inclusive, engaging and friendly.

The Lost Light of Sisu is my first released title and it's self published.


The Lost Light of Sisu started as a part time project in the end of 2016 while I was still working full time. To full fill my dreams of creating my own computer games I quit and started working part time while continuing development of The Lost Light of Sisu.

I had heard from friends about this thing called Stugan which is a non-profit accelerator program taking place during 2 summer months in the swedish woods. I applied in 2017 and got in. It was a fantastic experience and it really helped me develop The Lost Light of Sisu into what it is today. I am very grateful for the opportunity and all the help, support and feedback I got there.

After Stugan I started working part time at Resolution Games in Stockholm while finishing The Lost Light of Sisu and founding Solvarg.

The Lost Light of Sisu


A traveller in search of something lost

The Lost Light of Sisu is a forgiving yet challenging physics driven platformer. In this playful adventure you find yourself searching planets in pursuit of energy cubes that power your spaceship but also evolve your abilities. Use these new-found powers to traverse obstacles and overcome grumpy alien species.

Key features

  • Friendly and forgiving yet challenging gameplay -> Less frustration and more fun.
  • Featuring 40 levels and 3 boss battles.
  • Nonlinear gameplay -> Beat 10 out of 20 levels on each planet to proceed.
  • A mix and match of 4 unique abilities.

Design philosophy

With The Lost Light of Sisu I wanted to create a friendly and forgiving, non frustrating, non violent, challenging action platformer. Trying to adress these things, one key concept is that there is no dying. This means that if you fail some part of the level, you will only have to redo that small part instead of the whole level.

The boss battles work a little diffrently and basically uses frequent checkpoints that you get teleported back to, instead of having to replay the whole level.



Steam (PC)

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Nintendo Switch

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The Lost Light of Sisu Release Trailer, 27th February 2019








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